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Our goal is to offer an integrated service to our clients. We turn their ideas into reality by offering them knowledge, confidentiality, innovation and expertise in the fields of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, nutricosmetics, industrial chemicals, food & beverages. Lunar Pharmaceuticals works In conjunction with the client throughout the development, manufacturing and final product compliance. We offer an integrated service to our clients - from CONCEPTION TO COMPLETION.

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  • At Lunar Pharmaceuticals our commitment to offer a superior service is unparalleled. We understanding that a sound infrastructure must be in place to meet stringent global standards.

  • Our mission is to offer a comprehensive and innovative service from concept to completion, thus limiting our clients risk and securing their intellectual property.


Lunar News

  • Decemer 6, 2011

    HPA News
    A CAMS Stakeholder Steering Committee has been formed so that a full analysis of the draft CAMS Regulations and Guidelines can be prepared for submission to the DoH. The HPA, along with other affected associations and or individuals, have individually sent a letter of request to the DoH to extend the comment period

  • Decemer 4, 2011

    Department of Health?s
    The HPA acknowledges the Department of Health?s initiatives to regulate Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAMs) in South Africa. The HPA continues to support the development and implementation of appropriate and equitable regulations and guidelines pertaining to the entire paradigm of Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAMs). The HPA does not support misleading and irresponsible advertising.

  • November 30, 2011

    Conventional or Pharmaceutical
    he HPA recognizes that all the different ?CLASSES? of medicine including Orthodox (Conventional or Pharmaceutical) Medicine are based on belief systems that can be called paradigms. Each differs with respect to how it views the world and the human being. Although the Orthodox (Conventional / Pharmaceutical) paradigm is dominant in the Western world of today, we believe that other paradigms are equally relevant, growing rapidly and operate within different contexts; furthermore we believe that no paradigm should subsume or dominate another.


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